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Urban Resort’s projects are shaped by four fundamental values

Our commitment to these values make each project an exemplar of sustainable development not just in the environmental sense, but in terms of how our developments fit into the wider community.



Planning in partnership with Council and Unitary Plan compliance

Rather than looking to infringe height, set backs, density or other rules for maximum financial gain, we strive to work in partnership with Council to design our projects to comply with district and regional plan provisions. This helps foster relationships with our neighbours and leads to  smoother consents and earlier delivery of our developments.


Environmental Sustainability

Urban Resort has a genuine commitment to sustainable initiatives that make a real difference to how we live sustainably.  Our developments include water conservation, solar generation and energy efficiency and large areas of New Zealand native landscaping.  We believe our commitment to sustainability has a positive benefit on the environment, local community and our purchasers’ lives, and our purchases tell us they value sustainability when making their purchasing decisions. 


Location and Design Excellence

We want our developments to shine in the competitive urban living market for their desirable location and attractive, innovative architecture and design. Our projects include zones such as the Satori Lounge and the Residents Lounge and Roof Terrace in Element where residents can come together and enjoy being part of this community. The best developments sell down quickly because the market values quality.



Urban Resort aims to deliver real value in Auckland city fringe and other unique areas around New Zealand through intelligent planning, design and execution. This leads to a lower cost per sqm – a saving which we pass on to our purchasers. Our goal is to price our homes below the median house price for the area in which our developments are built. This leads to more sales in a shorter period, and an efficient start to the construction process.



We see ourselves as a leader in design, planning and development and hope that others will be inspired by our integrity, track record and commitment to sustainability.

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Our Strengths


Urban Resort takes a highly-focused approach to every aspect of our developments to ensure that we excel in every stage of the project.



Strategic planning

All of Urban Resort’s developments are carefully vetted and planned across multiple disciplines before they enter into the developed design stage. This ensures that each project continues to get better through the project lifecycle.

Team of Experts

Our team is made up of a tight, experienced and leading group of experts in design, engineering and construction. Our team's wealth of expertise creates a tangible economic difference because of their efficient and innovative solutions, and ability to work together to a rigorous programme.

Programme Management

Our projects are programmed and managed to be completed within 12 - 24 months from acquisition of land to project completion – a timeline that is significantly shorter than almost every new build development of similar scale. 

Strong Capital Base

Each project has a strong capital base so that the project is funded from Day One. This takes away pressure from pre-sales and means purchasers have confidence and certainty in the development.